PROGRAM may 17th


09:00 Coffee

Introduction, Edward Andersson, moderator

Welcome speech 

  • Ann-Margrethe Livh, Housing and Democracy Mayor, The City of Stockholm

Expert perspectives on public participation

  • Giovanni Allegretti, University of Coimbra; Portugal 
  • Josh Lerner, Participatory Budgeting Project, US
  • Martin Sande, Dialogues, Sweden
  • Anne Tortzen, Center for Borgerdialog, Denmark




Politician perspecitives on public participation 

  • Helena Balthammar, Mayor, the city of Linköping
  • Joana Balsemão, Councillor the Municipality of Cascais, Portugal
  • Aslam Khan, Councillor the City of Luton, UK
  • Ann-Margrethe Livh, Housing and Democracy Mayor, The City of Stockholm




Parallel sessions

A - Participatory Budgeting in urban areas
The City of New York, Josh Lerner, Participatory Budgeting Project, US
The Participatory Budget of the City of Paris, Coline Berthaud, Cabinet de Pauline Véron, maire de Paris 
Participatory budgeting in the city of Madrid, Miguel Arana Catania, director of citizen participation 
Participatory budgeting in the City of Lissabon, Josefa Rosado, Técnica Superior
Moderator: Prof. Yves Cabannes  the University College London  

B – Participatory Budgeting in rural areas
1/2 a million ideas, Municipality of Nässjö,Sweden, Anna-Carin Magnusson, Municipal Council Chairman, Jennifer Cronborn and Carolina Haag Sjöberg
Experiences from Scotland, Simon CameronCOSLA (Convention of Scottish Local Authorities)
Experiences from Portugal, Nelson Dias, expert, Portugal
Moderator: Nils Munthe, SALAR, Sweden

- Participation in complex issues focus on social sustainability
Together for even more comfort and safety,  Åsa Winfridson, The City district of Östberga, Stockholm, Sweden
Experiences in dealing with complex urban issues , Ahmad Rifai, Executive Director, Kota Kita, Indonesia
Experiences from Luton Borough Council, UK. Marek Lubelski, Community Coordinator and Nicola Monk service director
Moderator: Bernard le Roux, facilitator and trainer in conflict management and dialogue, Sweden

D - NGOs role in Participatory Budgeting
Shari Davis Participatory Budgeting Project, US
Jez Hall, PB partners, UK 
Moderator: Anna-Karin Berglund, SALAR, Sweden


Coffee break


Parallel sessions

E - Participatory Budgeting and dialogue with young people
Young Mayor  Laurelle Henry and Harry Chapple, Lewisham council, UK

U-decide, The Municipality of Torsby, Sweden Eva-Lena Gustavsson, Chairman of the City Council

Participatory budgeting with young people in Boston, Shari Davis, Participatory Budgeting Project, US

Involving young people in Portugal, Nelson Dias, Expert World Bank,

Moderator: Malin Svanberg, SALAR, Sweden

F – Researchers round table
Hans Abrahamsson, Lecturer in Peace and Development Research, Sweden
Martin Westin, University of Uppsala, Sweden
Marianne Pekola-Sjöblom, Head of Research, the Finnish Local and Regional Authority, Finland
Anne Tortzen, Phd, Center for Borgerdialog, Denmark
Tong-yi Huang, Professor and Chair, National Cheng-chi University
Peter Demediuk, Victoria University, Australia
Moderator: Edward Andersson, Sweden 

G - Participation in complex issues focus on spatial planning
The port of Livorno, Claudio Vanni, Manager of Planning Department, the port Authority of Livorno
Experiences from the city of Barcelona, Adrià Duarte, Coordinador, International Observatory on Participatory Democracy
Bernard le Roux, facilitator and trainer in conflict management and dialogue, Sweden
Stefania Paolazzi, Civic imagination office of the Urban Innovation Foundation of Bologna.
Moderator: Dr Lex Paulson

H - Participatory Budgeting scaling up
Jez Hall, UK PB Network
Initiative/ Participatory budgeting projects in Russia, Anna Sukhova and Ivan Shulga , World Bank
20-years of PB in Germany, Volker Vorwerk, Burgerwissen
Moderator: Giovanni Allegretti, University of Coimbra 




Plenary session
Community organizing and collective intelligence: lessons from the Obama and Macron campaigns
An exploration of stories and methods from two innovative political campaigns with lessons for practitioners of participatory democracy.

Dr. Lex Paulson, mobilization strategist for the campaigns of Barack Obama in 2008 and Emmanuel Macron in 2017. 

17:45 – 19:00

Mingle and snacks


PROGRAM may 18th


Parallel sessions

I- Participation in complex issues - Focus on immigration and inclusion
Life without violence - Susanna Norlin, Ingrid Persson, Ulrika Stöök,The City district of Västra Hisingen, Gothenburg, Sweden
Include more people - Annika Hedberg Roth, Elisabeth Iveblad Grahn, The Municipality of Fagersta, Sweden
Participatory Budgeting for Migrant Workers, Dr. Kai-ling Luo, European Research Center of Contemporary Taiwan (ERCCT), University of Tübingen, Germany
Sustainability and Participation in a divers city, Christian W. Hübel, The City of Mannheim, Germany  
Moderator: Martin Sande, Dialogues, Sweden

To be confirmed - we reserve for changes.

J – Digital platforms and tools for participation - workshop
EMPATIA Project, Michelangelo Secchi, Scientific Coordinator
Consulproject, Miguel Arana Catania, the City of Madrid
Citizens Foundation, Róbert Bjarnason ,Iceland
Moderator:Anders Nordh, SALAR; Sweden

K - Participatory Budgeting - important steps for sucess and results
Josh Lerner, Participatory Budgeting Project, US
Councillor Joana Balsemão and Isabel Xavier Canning, the Municipality of Cascais, Portugal
Ahmad Rifai, Executive Director, Kota Kita, Experiences from Indonesia
DU Jing, Director, Research Department III,China Development Research Foundation (CDRF)
Moderator: Prof. Yves Cabannes  the University College London

L – Participation in unexpected forms and ways
Different forms of dialogue in Toscany and other places, Giovanni Allegretti
IT-Guide, New arrivals help seniors with the digital divide, Gunilla Lundberg, Sweden
Adrià Duarte, Coordinador, International Observatory on Participatory Democracy
Dialogue with self-organizing groups in Cecina, Claudio Vanni former mayor of Cecina





Plenary session

  • Active citizenship and participatory democracy around the world. Bruno Kaufmann, the Global Democracy Correspondent at the Swiss Broadcasting Company reports back from a just concluded trip to five continents, 20 countries, 100 cities in 200 days.  
  • A Global panel summing up the conference and looking forward



Lunch and end of conference

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